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Sticky and Sweet

I couldn’t agree more with Devi Asmarani (one of my favorite writers) who wrote in one of her articles in Weekender (one of my favorite magazines) that ‘Food, like music, has a way of staying firmly in our memory, linking tastebuds and emotions’.

When I was still in elemetary school, there was a sticky and sweet snack I loved as a child. It is made of sweet potato mixed with sago flour (or tapioca) boiled in water and palm sugar and then served with coconut milk called ‘biji salak’ which literally means ‘the seed of snake fruit’.

I have no idea why this snack is named ‘biji salak’ because it has nothing to do with the seed of snake fruit whatsoever. Probably because the size and shape of the sweet potato ball looks like the seed of snake fruit. 


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