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Does buffalo have wings?

buffalo with wings

When I first saw the sign board of  “Buffalo Wings” restaurant in Jakarta, I mumbled “does buffalo have wings?” while at the same time I was having a wild imagination just like the picture above (found in  http://www.worth1000.com)

I was ignorant hence that ‘stupid question’ and ‘wild imagination’

Then I found out that Buffalo Wings are actually chicken wings and they taste soooo good!

For those of you who haven’t heard that “buffalo does have wings” perhaps you are interested to know “where did Buffalo Wings get their name?

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Cupcake Culture

cupcakes from www-glorioustreats-com

I don’t remember exactly when did it start….. suddenly cupcakes have taken on a whole new persona in Jakarta, the city where I live.

Yes, recently cupcakes have become the hottest trend for everything from birthdays to weddings.

Why Cupcake Culture?

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