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Tempeh, Uniquely Indonesia

All countries in the world are unique in their place. But as an Indonesian, I dare to say that Indonesia is a very unique country.

Not only because Indonesia has more than 300 different ethnic groups and culture attractions throughout the archipelago, but also we have so many things that happen only in Indonesia.

As a food blogger, for some times I had been thinking of a truly uniquely Indonesian dish. Then one day it crossed my mind that Tempe or famously known as Tempeh in English, is one of the traditional soy foods that is uniquely Indonesia.


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Sataysfying Sataysfaction

picture from inforesep.com

Who does not know Satay?

It is a pop­u­lar dish that many peo­ple like. Either lux­u­ri­ous hotels or stalls on the sidewalk pro­vide this dish, either eaten directly from the grill or as a dish served with rice or lon­tong (wrapped rice).

I am wondering why Satay has not been a favorite dish as it should be .I have hope that Satay, one day will enjoy the same status as Sushi as the Japanese has promoted.

Satay has been one of my favorite dishes since my childhood…….

When I was a young girl, I remembered my mother often took me and my sisters  to a famous noodle shop which located side by side with a satay stall. While both my sisters chose a bowl of chicken noodle with meatballs, I preferred to have chicken or mutton satay with lontong (wrapped rice).

To me, there’s nothing more sataysfying than satay fresh off the grill, when the skewers of the seasoned meats are hot, juicy, and infused with the flavor of smoldering charcoal.

picture from inforesep.com

Known as sate in Indonesia, my country is the home of satay, and it is a widely renowned dish in almost all regions of Indonesia and is considered as the national dish.

It is served everywhere from street carts to fine dining set up, as well as in homes and at public gatherings. As a result, many variations have been developed throughout the Indonesian Archipelago.

The satay variants in Indonesia usually named after the region its originated, the meats, parts or ingredients it uses, also might named after the process or method of cooking.

Let’s Taste a few of  Indonesian Satay-sfying  Satay-sfaction

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