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Does buffalo have wings?

buffalo with wings

When I first saw the sign board of  “Buffalo Wings” restaurant in Jakarta, I mumbled “does buffalo have wings?” while at the same time I was having a wild imagination just like the picture above (found in  http://www.worth1000.com)

I was ignorant hence that ‘stupid question’ and ‘wild imagination’

Then I found out that Buffalo Wings are actually chicken wings and they taste soooo good!

For those of you who haven’t heard that “buffalo does have wings” perhaps you are interested to know “where did Buffalo Wings get their name?

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Tempeh, Uniquely Indonesia

All countries in the world are unique in their place. But as an Indonesian, I dare to say that Indonesia is a very unique country.

Not only because Indonesia has more than 300 different ethnic groups and culture attractions throughout the archipelago, but also we have so many things that happen only in Indonesia.

As a food blogger, for some times I had been thinking of a truly uniquely Indonesian dish. Then one day it crossed my mind that Tempe or famously known as Tempeh in English, is one of the traditional soy foods that is uniquely Indonesia.


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Cooking to Celebrate Independence Day

Last August 17th, Indonesia celebrated it’s 65th anniversary. The formal celebrations include military marches, military bands playing and hoisting the Indonesian national flag.

The celebration of the Indonesian Independence Day is usually observed by people of different ages, genders, status social economics and regions. They do many creative and unique games like sack races,

kerupuk-eating competition (kerupuk is traditional crackers made of flour),

pinang-climbing (pinang is tree of areca nut),

tug-of-war, recycle creativity, etc. In every province, the races were made based on their own traditional games.

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