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What to Cook when you don’t know What to Cook

Have you ever got too tired of deciding what to cook? Have you ever had days when you get indoors and are tired and feeling lazy, and you really don’t know what to cook?

too tired to cookI have ……………….

and when that happens, nothing in my recipe repertoire feels quite like worth making the effort for.

In such situation, it’s always good to have quick and easy ‘meals’ that you will probably have the ingredients for and are going to enjoy.

These meals are quite filling and comforting as well as being really easy to cook – probably just what you need on a day when cooking a meal just seems like too much trouble.

One of the meals I suggest to cook when you don’t know what to cook is Nasi Goreng.

Why Nasi Goreng?

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Have a Rice Day

As much as I support  a movement called  “Have a Rice Day” (to raise the awareness and support to help change world hunger by substituting one of people regular meal with a simple bowl of rice), my blog post today has nothing to do with that movement. I only borrow the name and picture for the title of this post.

What I am writing here is truly and literally about having a rice day ….

Why Rice Day?

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Thick, Dark and Sweet


When this post was being prepared, I was tempted to title it “Tall, Dark and Handsome”  🙂

But, I ended up choosing ‘Thick, Dark and Sweet’  to be in line with the topic of this post which is about Kecap Manis or Indonesian Sweet Soy Sauce.

Why Thick, Dark and Sweet?

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