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Hidden Eggs

Today 20 April 2014  is Easter Sunday Morning in my country ……

Happy Easter

When I was a kid I used to go to Sunday school.  I remember during Easter Sunday, there would be eggs hunting. It was really fun competing with other kids. Checking all corners of the church, the seat and the grass. I remember that whoever find an egg first will get a reward. I never won but I had fun. Easter eggs hunting is one of things I miss now.

Now that I no longer join eggs hunting or decorating eggs on Easter Sunday, I am thinking of cooking an egg-dish named ‘Hidden Eggs’

hidden easter eggs

Why hidden eggs?

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Take Comfort from Comfort Food

Picture from graphicshunt.com

Bad days happen to all. Sometimes we wake up, and within the first hour or so, we know it’s going to be a bad day. When something or even nothing has made us angry, frustrated, disappointed, or sad. 

And when we’re sad, we tend to crave food that makes us feel good……

And that was exactly how I felt  last Monday when I found out that I have lost one of my friends.  I was feeling so sad and my mood was very low and suddenly I was craving for my comfort food……..

Why Craving Comfort Food?

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