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A Friend Who Knows No Strangers

The first time I’ve been encountered with “this friend” was at a buffet dinner in one of the 5-star hotels in Jakarta.


Who is this friend who knows no strangers?

This friend’s name is “Potato au Gratin”

Tom Hirschfeld in http://www.food52.com wrote about Potato au Gratin as follows:

“Have you ever had a friend who knows no strangers? The kind of genuine person to whom everyone in the room gravitates — someone who doesn’t have to work at meeting new people, because somehow it is coded into their DNA for others to like them? 

A potato gratin is just such a friend. A friend who hangs out with all the cool entrees too: an herb-crusted roast beef taking a bath in a platter of flavorful juices or a perfectly roasted chicken with crackly brown skin are its best friends.”

I couldn’t agree more with Tom Hirschfeld hence the title of this post.

What is potato gratin?

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Delicious Distraction

We, in Indonesia, are fortunate to have many religious holidays since we have Pancasila (literally means 5 principles) as our state ideology. Pancasila is an ideology that views all Indonesians as equal, despite our different faiths and ethnics hence the government accomodate different religious holidays of different religions.

As a working mom I am most happy when the holiday falls either on Friday or Monday coz it means we’ll have long week-end.

On May 28th, we were lucky to have one of the religious holidays fell on Friday ….yay… horrey …

What made me so happy about a long week end?

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Cooking ‘Outside the Wok’


Along my delightful journey of cooking, I have tried different types of cooking methods: stir frying, deep frying, braising, and even slow cooking (all inside the wok) but so far never try ‘baking’.

Why not baking?

I thought I am not a baking type of a person and I did not even know how to handle the oven.  I am the type of a person who prefers simple, easy and free style cooking, and to me baking sounds rather intimidating. For so long, I have been comfortable with cooking inside the wok …….

Until  one morning …….

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