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What to Cook when you don’t know What to Cook

Have you ever got too tired of deciding what to cook? Have you ever had days when you get indoors and are tired and feeling lazy, and you really don’t know what to cook?

too tired to cookI have ……………….

and when that happens, nothing in my recipe repertoire feels quite like worth making the effort for.

In such situation, it’s always good to have quick and easy ‘meals’ that you will probably have the ingredients for and are going to enjoy.

These meals are quite filling and comforting as well as being really easy to cook – probably just what you need on a day when cooking a meal just seems like too much trouble.

One of the meals I suggest to cook when you don’t know what to cook is Nasi Goreng.

Why Nasi Goreng?

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A Friend Who Knows No Strangers

The first time I’ve been encountered with “this friend” was at a buffet dinner in one of the 5-star hotels in Jakarta.


Who is this friend who knows no strangers?

This friend’s name is “Potato au Gratin”

Tom Hirschfeld in wrote about Potato au Gratin as follows:

“Have you ever had a friend who knows no strangers? The kind of genuine person to whom everyone in the room gravitates — someone who doesn’t have to work at meeting new people, because somehow it is coded into their DNA for others to like them? 

A potato gratin is just such a friend. A friend who hangs out with all the cool entrees too: an herb-crusted roast beef taking a bath in a platter of flavorful juices or a perfectly roasted chicken with crackly brown skin are its best friends.”

I couldn’t agree more with Tom Hirschfeld hence the title of this post.

What is potato gratin?

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Does buffalo have wings?

buffalo with wings

When I first saw the sign board of  “Buffalo Wings” restaurant in Jakarta, I mumbled “does buffalo have wings?” while at the same time I was having a wild imagination just like the picture above (found in

I was ignorant hence that ‘stupid question’ and ‘wild imagination’

Then I found out that Buffalo Wings are actually chicken wings and they taste soooo good!

For those of you who haven’t heard that “buffalo does have wings” perhaps you are interested to know “where did Buffalo Wings get their name?

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Some like it Hot

some like it hot

This post is neither about a 1959 American comedy film directed by Billy Wilder (and starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon) nor a song recorded by The Power Station (the first single released from the group’s 1985 eponymous debut album).

So why did I borrow “Some like it Hot” for the title of my post?

Well, like some people in my country, I am one of those “some (who) like it Hot”….I mean I really like hot spicy food 🙂

This post is about a dish which is made by hollowing out jalapeño peppers, stuffing them with a spiced cheese mixture, battering them, and then frying them. This dish is called Jalapeno Poppers and it’s really HOT!

What is Jalapeno Poppers?

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Being a Happy Weekday Vegetarian

weekday vegetarian 2Entering the year 2014, I suddenly felt the need to feed my body  in a way that says I love me enough to want only what is best for me.

I know about the perils of eating too much fat and meaty dish, and I desperately want to fill my body with food that I believe is more healthy.

I was aware that there are challenges associated with eating meat, and with becoming a vegetarian. As with other aspects of being human and being alive, each of these alternatives have both pros and cons.

With this in mind, I have decided to try to benefit from both worlds by being a weekday vegetarian

weekday vegetarian

What does weekday vegetarian mean?

For me, it means choosing to eat, five days a week, a diet that is  vegetarian or meatless while two days a week during week end I enjoy the delicious and satisfying taste of meat.

Some people who are vegetarian consider all animal flesh as meat, including the flesh of fish and fowl. For these people, it is important to exclude meat from their diet. I know other people who consider themselves to be vegetarian who will still eat butter, cheese, eggs, and milk.

Then, there are people who are  “extreme vegetarians,” and they are called vegans. Vegans eat only food from plant sources, and they exclude from their diets both meat and animal products such as butter, cheese, eggs and milk.

Why weekday vegetarian?

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Hot and Appetizing

What could be more Hot and Appetizing than Padang Food?

Padang food is the cuisine of the  Minangkabau people of west Sumatra, Indonesia. It is among the most popular food in Southeast Asia. It is known across Indonesia as Masakan Padang  after the city of Padang the capital city of West Sumatra province.

Aside from its food, Padang restaurant is also known for the way it serves food to customers which is known as rumah makan nasi kapau”. Kapau is the traditional food joint known for its creativity in serving food.

What is known as Padang food sold throughout the country in fact originated in Bukittinggi, Pariaman, Pagaruyung and Koto Gadang.

For today’s post, I want to take you to Koto Gadang.

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Don’t Get Bitter, Get Better

The title of my today’s post is borrowed from Joel Osteen, the famous Pastor from Lakewood Church Texas who often says  “don’t get bitter, get better” .

But this post has nothing to do with  Joel Osteen or his book.  I still focus on cooking……..

Why bitter?

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