Me, Myself and I

I am a wife, a mother and  a worker.   As a wife and a mother, I try my best to love my family as much as I love myself. And as a worker, I certainly can work hard but prefer to work smart.

I take good care of myself, watch my weight, eat right, get enough sleep and drink enough water. I exercise  6 days  a week by doing morning yoga for 45 minutes

morning yoga

and static cycling for 15 – 20 minutes

static cylcing

I am by nature a morning person. One of my favorite quotes is ‘early to bed and early to rise, makes me healthy, wealthy and wise’. I sleep around 7 hours everyday and wake up early in the morning ready to meet whatever the day will bring.

I love coffee. I’ve loved the smell of coffee since childhood when my mom brewed coffee for my father in the morning. I could not wait until I was old enough to drink coffee. It started when I was around 10 years old, I secretly sipped the first glorious mouthful of coffee from my father’s mug. I’ve been hooked ever since.

I am the type of a person who love balance in life. I am neither extremely organizational mania nor disorganized misery. I am not overly self-indulgent but I’m not a strictly diet freak either.  I am talkative by nature but I know when to stop talking and start listening.

I am no spiritual giant and I am certainly not one of those prayer warriors. I am an average woman trying to figure out what it means to have faith in God and live life to the full.

I am not a deep thinker. I am content to believe that today is today and tomorrow will be another day.

You won’t get rocket science from me or even kitchen science. Most of my cooking ideas are half-baked or copy-paste from others. But I love learning something new and conducting research on whatever topics related to cooking and food.

Through Cooking Without Borders I want to share with you whatever knowledge, insights, revelations and experience I find along my interesting journey of cooking…



22 responses to “Me, Myself and I

  1. I can really relate to your love of coffee. I used to get intoxicated by the aroma of my mother’s coffee when I was a child and was so delighted when I turned 15 and she let me drink coffee. The caffeine doesn’t have much effect on me, probably from years of drinking it constantly. You have a really interesting perspective. I look forward to reading more.

  2. hello mam,

    I really like your attitude..It’s not because you love coffee(I too love cofee), but you love ur mom..and you are open minded..

  3. I like the way you talk about life today is today and tomorrow is tomorrow.
    Take it easy on everything.
    Thanks for being open.

  4. Hi,
    Do you know whose selling tanaman daun suji in US?

    Thank you.

    • Hi, unfortunately I don’t know where to find daun suji in US. Have you tried Asian store?
      Perhaps they sell it there since daun suji can be kept in freezer.

  5. Hey there! Where are you based? Do you know what daun salam is in English? Thank you! PS: I do a lot of fusion/Indo cooking, please check out


    • Hi Kim,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. I am based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Salam leaf is similar to Bay leaf and it can be used as substitute. Hope this can help so you can enjoy cooking Indonesian dishes more. will visit you on Facebook

  6. There is a mistake for identifying daun salam!, The one u indicated on yr page is actually daun currry for indian curry, Daun salam is a big leave and with a mild aroma mostly for cooking or adding its aroma to a malay cooking masak lemak .

  7. Cook with heart and cook with love…its the best recepies…insyallah

  8. Hi Ibu,

    Saya tidak sengaja came across blog Ibu and I love the way you write, present and educate the beauty of Indonesian food/cooking. Overall it’s a lovely and humble blog! Saya juga mau coba beberapa resep Ibu. Keep writing and I’m looking forward to your next posts. 🙂

  9. Hi Yukiki, terima kasih untuk compliment nya – semoga berhasil mencoba masak memakai resep-resep yang saya tuliskan di blog ini 🙂

  10. just stumbled upon your blog and i instantly love it :*
    i see some similarity between us but 1 thing isn’t same is i dont like coffee

  11. Hi Siti, thank you for visiting my blog and put such a lovely comment. I am glad on our similarity and will visit your blog shortly.

  12. Hi dear,
    while searching for “bobby chin bubur injin” i stumbled upon your site.
    Liked it instantly. And first I was afraid it would be an abandoned site but from your earlier reply I understand it isn’t.
    Well, you will see me again soon- sampai jumpa lagi 🙂

    Bye Bye.

    • Hi, thank you for visiting my blog – due to my load in work I don’t have much time now to cook and write a new post but I always check my blog from time to time.

      Will visit yours as well.

      • Heheheh.. I don’t have a blog…only Facebookpage 🙂
        (By the way: your kue lapis looks wonderfull…all pink… I’ve made it last week… SO bitter -> used too much foodcolor.)

        Bye Bye

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  15. Hi Wini, or should I call Bu Wini?
    Gak sengaja ketemu blog ini ketika cari2 masakan Indonesia. Jempol buat blog nya, especially bahasa inggrisnya. 🙂
    I do not know if you still write and post, I sure hope so. I will try some of the recipes here.
    Do visit my blog (it is relatively new);

    Good Day!

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