Celebrate New Year’s Day in a Unique Way

2013 from newyork-newsday-compicture from newyork.newsday.com

Today 1st January 2013 the world shares a common celebration – the New Year’s day 2013

Whether visiting relatives or watching New Year’s Eve celebration at home on TV or partying at different places, welcoming the New Year is always a time of entertainment, celebration and resolution.

No day has ever been observed in so many different ways. And Jakarta welcome the New Year 2013 in a unique way.

Why unique way?

The Jakarta governor has implemented the first ‘Car Free Night’ on New Year’s Eve and celebrated the New Year 2013 with huge street party.

NYE JKT 2013 from Jakarta Postpicture from Jakarta Post

The Jakarta Night Festival — possibly the biggest festivity the capital city has ever hosted, was far from flawless, but Jakartans said they still loved it and wanted it to be held annually.

Around 300 entertainers, including traditional dancers, dangdut musicians and pop bands, performed on 16 stages located along the street.

The pouring rain failed to deter party goers intrigued by the city’s first New Year’s Eve street party, during which the city administration closed main roads in its busiest and most affluent area to give people from all walks of life the chance to revel in festivities.

malam-tahun-baruby megapolitan-kompas-compicture from megapolitan.kompas.com

The governor Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, who won the hearts of Jakartans with his down-to-earth persona took part in the special event and mingle with the crowd.

-jokowi-di-bundaran-hi-megapolitan-kompas-compicture from megapolitan.kompas.com

So many people joined the celebration and they were having fun. However, no matter how jubilant the New Year’s celebration was, the party would not be complete without foods and beverages and here are a few examples of street foods and beverages commonly found on the street of Jakarta:

Kerak Telor Betawi

kerak-telor-menteng-by-siswa-univpancasila-ac-idpicture by siswa univpancasila

Mie Bakso

Bakso_in_bowl_on_blue_table_wikipedia picture from Wikipedia


sekoteng from femina indonesiapicture from Femina

Es Doger

??????????picture from wikipedia



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