Jakarta, a Christmas City?

christmas tree outdoor central park

It’s Christmas time …….

Jakarta’s malls, plazas and shopping centers are competing to make their most attractive and unique offers to usher in Christmas and new year with their designs, decorations, entertainment and great discounts.

And for the second year in a row, Central Park, a big shopping mall in Jakarta  has created the world’s tallest replica Christmas tree, decorated with one million lights.  The lighting of the 120-foot Christmas tree replica was enlivened by sparkling fireworks and snow effects that were scattered from the top of the tree. The lofty replica is built of iron covered with plastic fir.  The star on the top is made of LED lights and a million colored LED lights highlighting the tree itself.

Central Park broke the record for the tallest Christmas tree last year but this year’s record-breaker reaches 120 feet. “This record has actually broken last year’s record. The record was announced at the opening ceremony of the “Now Jakarta the Christmas City” event .


And what’s on the menu for Christmas in Jakarta?

Whatever your creed or culture, these are the typical festive cakes and cookies to celebrate Christmas in Jakarta:

Lapis Legit (Indonesian layer cake or spekoek)

lapis legit-from-harvestcake-com

Lapis Surabaya (Surabaya layer cake)


Klapertart (Manadonese coconut cake)


Kaastengel  (Cheese cookies)


Nastar (Pineapple cookies)


Putri Salju (Snow White cookies)

kue putri salju toko bagus - com



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One response to “Jakarta, a Christmas City?

  1. Liat kue2nya jadi kangen natalan d rumah…
    Merry Christmas, have a blessed one ^_^
    Like your blog…

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