My BIG FAT Halloween Birthday

Yes, I was born on 31st of October so whether I like it or not  I always have Halloween birthday.

Last Monday October 31st, I just celebrated my Halloween birthday. And it was not just “a birthday,” but rather a BIG, FAT, HALLOWEEN BIRTHDAY!

I’ve always believed you can do whatever you want on your big day. . . . .

And I did think that I should do something significant to mark this milestone.

So I did the following:

For lunch,  I decided to have baked chicken so I cooked ‘Ayam Panggang Padang’ (Padang Style Baked Chicken) for the first time. The chicken was so tasty and tender covered by spicy and rich thick sauce.

I will post the recipe and the step-by-step of cooking this Padang Style Baked Chicken in my next week post 🙂

Why BIG FAT? ..
For dinner, my family took me to a Spanish restaurant named Tapas Movida located in South Jakarta. This was the first time for us to visit this restaurant.

When we entered Tapas Movida, we were surprised by its homey ambient. And the chef (who also the owner) came to speak to the guests and all the staffs were very nice.

Choosing this restaurant was my first daughter’s idea since she loves to drink ‘Sangria’ so we ordered one jar.

Although we were not familiar with the names of dishes on the Menu, we decided to try 6 plates of Tapas:

  • Albondigas (meat balls)

  • Champinones al ajillo (garlic chili mushrooms)

  • Calamari fritos (fried squid)

  • Pinchitos morunos (Spicy Moorish Kebabs)

  • Ham croquette

  • Montadito de ternera con queso azul y cebolla carmelizada (Tenderloin with cheese and carmalized Onion on toast)

I can say that they all tasted so delicious but the tenderloin toast was a taste-gasm and the Albondigas covered with fresh tomato sauce was superb.

Later in the evening, we decided to buy Halloween cup cakes to close the celebration of my Halloween birthday…..

Indeed, that was really one BIG FAT Halloween Birthday!

By the way, on 31 October 2011, the world population reaches 7 billion and I am one of the 7 billion 🙂


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