SCream for IceCream

Is it any wonder that when the days grow warm, our taste buds start yearning for this special treat?

Plenty of beverages can cool us down, but only ice cream is so fleeting that we must focus on it intently to keep it from dripping away—can ground us in the moment, making us, momentarily, utterly happy.

And that was what my family experienced last week-end. The weather was extremely warm and all of us screamed for ice cream.

And it was lunch time ….. and ….. I got an idea.

What about ice cream for lunch? I didn’t mean ice cream as dessert but ice cream as the main dish for our lunch….

Why Ice Cream for Lunch?

I was reminded of the pleasing experience we had with ice cream and the way it plays our hearts. Ice cream always remind us to the carefree days of our childhood.

Many years ago when my children were still small, we often bought ice cream from street vendors. And one of our favorite ice cream is the coconut ice cream (called Es Puter in my country) located on  the side walk of a street in Bogor (a city around 60 km from where we live now).

What makes this ice cream so special was that the ice cream was served on a slice of bread, then folded so the ice cream is sandwiched in the middle like this:

The ice cream by itself is delicious and when it put on a slice of bread, it becomes a fantastic meal for lunch. My children loved this ice cream sandwich so much that sometimes I allowed them to have it for their lunch because we, the parents, secretly also enjoyed it.

Many years later, when my second daughter was studying in Singapore, we encountered again with similar ice cream sandwich. We found street vendors along the sidewalk of Orchard road who sold ‘Ice Potong’ (the name of the ice cream which literally means cut ice) for $1 and it was served on a slice of bread similar to the one we had in Bogor.  This Ice Potong in Singapore is so popular that most of us would not pass Orchard road without take a lick on that glorious taste of Ice Potong.

Picture by

My idea of having ice cream sandwich was happily accepted by my family and I got busy preparing:


– Slices of bread

– 1 liter of ice cream


– Scoop the ice cream and put on the slice of bread

Voila…..lunch was ready…..

It was so easy……

it was cold and sweet……..

and could take our hands, face and shirts from clean to sticky in under ten minutes…..

it was heaven.


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